My Six Red Pickups

Over the past thirty years as a window cleaner, I’ve gone through six old pickup trucks. One of the strangest coincidences of my life is that they have all been red.

The pros and cons of always having a beat-up red pickup truck:
PRO red trucks are easily recognizable–great for business!
CON red trucks are easily recognizable because they are old and run down and the mufflers don’t really work so you can hear them coming from a mile away so you find yourself making excuses for why it shakes when you put it in first and your kids start asking you to drop them off a block away from the school instead of out front
PRO a red car always looks cool in a high speed chase
CON my red pickup would probably stall out if I were ever called upon to engage in a high speed chase
PRO red is patriotic
CON red is only a third patriotic
PRO country music sounds good coming out of a little red pickup with a putt-putt engine
CON I don’t like country music
PRO perfect for taking the wife out on Valentine’s Day
CON dog pee


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